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Gracie Landes, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist will work with you to build solutions that fit you when you have:

the desire to improve any aspect of your life •  trouble adjusting to a new situation or life transition • conflicts that keeps you from being closer to people you care about • anxiety, lack of information or embarrassment about sex • questions about relationships or sexual health...

and you want to work with someone who is dedicated to providing counseling that is brief, respectful and effective, and to discovering what works

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IF you're sick of feeling  stuck, stressed ouT and ineffective

People also come to psychotherapy to ease their suffering without realizing how much of it comes from trying to control things that can’t be controlled. These attempts at control keep you from noticing what is in your power to change, and the many possibilities that are available to you. 

There REALLY are some simple things you can learn

Using simple exercises and concepts designed to lessen suffering by increasing awareness, you can become more fully aware and open to your own thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences. You can develop the ability to accept whatever comes your way dispassionately and with equanimity and face  challenges head on. 

While this fearless attitude can leave you more open to discomfort because you will actually experience your feelings as they arise, you can also move through those feelings more quickly. There are a variety of safe, effective mind-body practices that can help free you to become aware of options and opportunities you miss when you dissipate your energy worrying about, avoiding or protesting what life brings you. You can become more able to change, make good choices and handle difficulties effectively.

To those with existing contemplative practices who would like to know about my background, I have been practicing Zen Buddhism, mindfulness and Iyengar Yoga for many years. 

 THESE Resources are a great supplement to what you'll learn in  therapy 

My clients have found  the resources below helpful: 

client reducing stress at Couple Family and Sex Therapy NYC.jpg


- these videos from the Mindfulness Mediation NY Collaborative provide a good overview of  the human stress response and how you can create your own relaxation response

- this  podcast with Richard Brown PhD. explains the benefits of breathing  for stress reduction and healing from trauma

- Find Your Meditation Style from Yoga Journal

- Wildmind describes  different types of meditation, including a mindfulness of breathing, lovingkindness, and a walking meditation


- Quick relaxation exercises

- Progressive muscle relaxation

- Deep relaxation for success conditioning


- breath body mind

- Contemplative Mind in Life  links for guided meditation practices


- UCLA mindful awareness research center

- meditations from  MIndfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

- Dartmouth University Health Promotion and Wellness

- Guided Meditations from Tara Brach

- Guided Meditations from the Center for the Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society

- Headspace provides a variety of meditations, an app and online community

a mindful meditation for food cravings

- mindfulness solutions from Dr. Ron Siegel

- Standing Qi Gong meditations


- Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS and android) 

- Midshift (iOS and android) 

- Happify (iOS)


Here's some unsolicited feedback:

I've gained a deep understanding about true communication, how to negotiate conflict and to work on my reactions. I've also gotten into meditation and doing more yoga,  I've found them tremendously useful as well. If I don't do meditation for too many days in a row, I'm suddenly more testy, quicker to react, etc. I think it's connected! I'm happy that we've been able to work through everything, and really get to a place of understanding and solid foundation. Thanks for everything you offered me!