Couple Family and Sex Therapy NYC


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Gracie Landes, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist will work with you to build solutions that fit you when you have:

the desire to improve any aspect of your life •  trouble adjusting to a new situation or life transition • conflicts that keeps you from being closer to people you care about • anxiety, lack of information or embarrassment about sex • questions about relationships or sexual health...

and you want to work with someone who is dedicated to providing counseling that is brief, respectful and effective, and to discovering what works

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IF your family has a problem you just can't FIX on your own

An objective outside professional can help you get unstuck when you have challenges like:

  • lessening the impact of accidents and and medical issues on families
  • getting along with your adult sibling(s) after years of conflict or sibling rivalry
  •  creating a peaceful blended family
  • running a family-owned businesses
  • agreeing on whether or not to have children
  • caring for elderly parents
  • creating a better relationship (or truce) with your in-laws

Please don't be afraid of family therapy

The 1960s are over, and so are days when family therapy meant confrontation. Like any filed, we have learned a lot through research and practice about how to be effective with today's families. I can help family members I work with pull together to find new and effective ways to resolve the challenges that brought them to therapy, to make new existing, or unrecognized resources available.

Today it's safe for EVERYONE in the room

No one gets blamed or singled out in my work. I see family members as interconnected, influencing and able to help each other. When families get out of balance, they can use a professional ally. In that role, I may start our work together by meeting an entire family and extended family members and friends - whoever you tell me is important to include.  As we begin to understand what needs to be done, I may work with different combinations of people: individual or extended family members, parents, friends, adult children (sorry I only work with clients aged 18 and older), and adult siblings  to build solutions to challenges such as:


Here's some unsolicited feedback:

...our dynamic has been transformed by our time with you.  I can't tell you how many times we've been able to turn a conversation around by using the tools we learned in our sessions with you...and it's not just our lives that have been changed - by helping us to treat each other better, you've also helped us to be better parents, which is just about the greatest gift I can think of.